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"A competition for beginner families and advanced ninja" 

Skyhook Ninja Fitness brings you a new style of Ninja Warrior Competition!


Participants will do the first “Red point style” ninja competition, where different obstacles and sets of obstacles have a unique point value equal to its level of difficulty. This will be a partner “honor system” event, meaning you will keep track of your own attempts and scores. Points are gained only if the set (or sets) of obstacles are completed.


Ninja athletes will have as many attempts during the competition's scheduled times as they wish to complete the courses in the gym, but the number of attempts each athlete makes will be used in the event of a tie. Skyhook will use all 12,000sq feet of space to create 13+ courses and mini courses, each with different point values. Rule meetings will be held at the start of each hour of gym time on the hour and will go over more rules in detail. Coaches will be available during the competition to clarify any safety or course questions.


Remember, this event is all about attempting different courses in order to gain the point value associated with that specific course. Whether you’re a competitive athlete or just want to have fun, this competition is for you! This competition is low stress due to having as much time and as many attempts as you wish to complete each challenge.


Saturday October 27th

1pm – 4:30pm Heat I Mixed Ages 

7pm – 9 pm Heat II Mixed Ages




Early bird pricing- sign up before 10/1, get ten dollars off! Use promo code- EARLYBIRD

A Skyhook member with a Gold, Silver or Bronze Membership $35

Non-Member $65


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