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First Visit

First off, every person who attends the gym and is participating in any one of our activities must have a safety waiver completed. Children under 18 do need to have a parent or guardian complete their waiver, which can be done here if you haven’t already done so. After the waiver has been completed, give us a call at 503-352-9608 or email to get your first class booked! Alternatively, after the waiver has been completed, you are able to log-in through the ‘Member Login’ button on the top of our website to view our full schedule and class availability. *Please note, there are different skill leveled classes for participants 6 years or older. You are able to take any class that includes Level 1 White Belts. There is an array of different mixed level classes, but if you don’t see a designated belt level on the schedule, that means it is an all-levels class. We are an appointment based facility, meaning that there are capacity limitations to our classes and open-gyms, so we do suggest trying to sign-up for things as soon as possible to ensure you’re able to make it into the classes you’re wanting to attend. 

The day of your first class or visit, we suggest trying to arrive around 10 minutes early. This way we are able to meet you before class starts, show you where your class and coach will be, and answer any questions you may have. You’ll want to be sure to wear closed-toed rubber-soled tennis shoes and comfortable athletic clothing that does not display inappropriate messages or images. We are a children's space, and want to maintain a safe and comfortable environment for all our visitors. When you arrive, you’ll want to check in at our front desk, who will sign you in for your class and square away any payments as needed. This is where you can also inquire about our different membership options, our classes, and other services we provide here like birthday parties and camps.

Once you're all checked in and ready to go, we have seating areas in the main entrance as well as around the different class spaces. While you’re waiting for class to begin, we ask that you remain in one of these spaces until you hear your coach call out the start of their class. *Please note that no guests are allowed to use any of the obstacles or equipment unless they are in a class, working with a personal trainer, or participating in an open-gym. While there are a ton of interesting and enticing obstacles you’ll be wanting to try, this is one of our key rules in order to prevent injury and harm to participants and coaches alike. 

Once class is over, there is a short break before the next round of classes begin. If you are signed up for another class, this is a great time to grab some water, take a few bites of a snack, and run to the restroom. The same rule does apply that if you are not actively in a class or working with a trainer, you cannot use the equipment or obstacles during the time between classes.

The 10-15 minutes before classes start tend to be busy at our front desk, so we do suggest that any parents with questions try to come talk to us more in depth while classes are going on so that we’re able to give you our undivided attention. We are always happy to help clarify things, schedule more classes, and support you in whatever way we can to help you and your family begin their athletic journey in the unique sport that is Ninja Warrior. If you’re wanting to keep attending classes after your first visit, we have several different ways to make that happen, whether it's with our Introductory Week or one of our many different membership options. 

If you have any questions after reading through this, you can reach out to us via email or phone to find out more. Otherwise, we can’t wait to meet you!


Hello! Are you or a family member signed up to try their first class or open-gym here at Skyhook? We are always excited to welcome new athletes into our gym no matter what their athletic experience and ability are. We have classes and opportunities for people of all ages, with our Little Ninja classes for 3-5 year old's, Climbing, Ninja, Parkour, and Silks for anyone 6 years or older, as well as Adult/Teen classes for guests that are 14+. Additionally, all of our personal trainers have different specialties and focuses, so you’re able to find a personal trainer that is suited just for you and what you’re hoping to achieve. This page is dedicated to giving you all the information you need to know before you arrive for your first visit here at Skyhook.

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