COVID-19 Update7/3


(August 5th Update)




Covid-19 Policy/Procedure:


UPDATE: It is now state mandated that all participants/spectators where masks in the gym that are ages 5 & up. 


Check-In/ Drop Off:

Currently, we are hoping to limit the number of people in the gym. We are allowing 14x participants and one parent per family to stay with them during their session. 


 Upon arrival we will have a list of health questions posted on our front door with some general health screening and whether you should come into the facility or not. If you are symptomatic in any way, we ask that you come back at a later time. Please check to door often especially as we add mask required times in the gym.

While waiting to check-in we will have spaces marked on the floor. Each person coming in needs to be logged into our state-required tracing log before gaining access to the facility.

When putting your belongs in the cubby we are only allowing one person/family to be in this area at a time

Please be sure to bring your key fob for signing into the gym if you do not have one please let the front desk staff know so they can make you one.

Starting July 5th we will be doing touch less temperature checks to all participants entering the facility.



Open Gym: These are in addition to our regular Open Gym Rules


Open Gym will be scheduled for the foreseeable future will be scheduled just like classes. We will not be accepting walk in sign ups. Open gym is limited to 14x participants at this time. 

New Open Gym Rules:


Open Gym will start with everyone being lined up and going over our open gym rules.

1. Stay a minimum of 6 ft. apart the only exception is participants who are family or arrived in the same car.

2. One person/family per obstacle or bay at a time. A bay is defined as being within and four posts of the ninja rig or any boxes lined our in the Monkey Space or climbing wall.

3. We have small red squares on the ground that represent waiting areas for ninjas to take turns on obstacles. 

4. We have capacity signs for each area of the gym. This is to ensure that not all 14x people are trying to use the same space. Please follow these capacities and make sure everyone is taking turns in each area.

5. The climbing wall has a special set of rules that are different from the rest of the gym.We need you to sanitize your hands before and after using the climbing wall as well as in between wall sections. 

6. We have a 3 point warning system for making sure everyone stays apart. The first violation will result in a verbal warning from coaches. The second will be a sit down conversation with management and the third warning will result in your day being done at the gym. 

7. At no point should anyone be touching cloth portion of their face mask. Please use your forearm if you need to. If at any point we see anyone touching their face or their mask (besides the ear straps) we will require you to sanitize your hands before touching anything else. 

8. For those who are wearing masks in the gym we have dedicated one of our party rooms as a "mask free area" where you can remove your mask away from everyone else. We have three chairs that are marked with a Skyhook sticker. Please have a seat and stay there while you take a break. When you are ready to return please out on your mask and sanitize your hands before touching anything in the gym.

9. We recommend signing up for the same open gym slots each week to prevent exposure. We ultimately leave this up to you, but know that many businesses and camps are finding success with this.

Staff During Open Gym:

Our currently policy provides three staff members to help keep everyone safe. Two staff are "life guards" that are there to make sure kids are staying apart and cleaning their hands when necessary. Our other staff member will be wiping down equipment during the entire Open Gym session. 





We are very excited to be able to offer classes to our members again. Please check our website for the most up-to-date schedule. Currently all classes are run with station workouts to help keep people apart. We have reduced class size from 12x participants down to 7x. By offering more classes than necessary for our current members we are hoping this will minimize capacity issues for everyone. 

We are offering the following classes currently:


-Ninja 3 +


-Gymnastics 3+


-Climbing 3+


-Strength 3+


-Parkour 3+

-Little Ninja

-Aerial Class

Classes that we will be bringing back are Blade of Light, aerial silks and boxing


Personal Training:


Will be allowed to continue the personal training area is now reopen and available for personal training clients and for members ages 14 and up during open gym.


Neuro Diverse:


Neuro Diverse has started up again. It is every Sunday from 6:30-8:00 PM. Please call or email if interested. 


Lynn Knope, PsyD, Licensed Psychologist, Owner of Skyhook Counseling Center, LLC




The curriculum will be adjusted for now and possibly permanently. Updates of the curriculum will be around gymnastics and aerial silks. Although both classes will continue to be a part of our curriculum, we will be removing the technical requirements from belt progression and replacing with a minimum number of classes for gymnastics or aerial silks required for testing.









In General: All staff will be required to wear masks upon entering the building . All staff are health screened before each shift.


In classes:


For the safety of members, we will not be teaching any material that requires the coach to spot (hold) a student. We don’t want to take any chances on getting members or staff sick or take the chance on someone getting hurt that was doing something that required assistance. After each class please allow coaches to disinfect their areas and if you have any questions or comments fill out a card or discuss with the front desk staff.


Staff Interactions:


Everyone here at Skyhook has missed you as much as we know you have missed them. We are happy to see everyone and will love to hear what you have been up to in your time at home. With that said please make sure you are giving enough time for staff to do all their safety/cleaning duties. The last thing we want is to have to shut down and not be able to see you again.





All members will need to follow the basic guidelines of whether they should be in the building or not. For the safety of everyone, we will politely ask anyone displaying symptoms to reschedule their appointment at a future date and no less than 72 hours without symptoms. We will ask all members to wash their hands first things after check-in and before touching any equipment. During your gym time we ask members to refrain from touching their faces and making sure that we are keeping a safe distance from one another.




MAsks are now required for anyone ages 5 & up.




This was a tough one to figure out when first thinking about the concept of using gloves for gym training. We will leave it to member choice on wearing them or not. There are mixed views on the effectiveness of them and don’t want to make a requirement that may or may not be more damaging than helpful to our members. We leave it to your best-educated decisions and if you have anything definitive in using or not using them, we would love to receive that information.


Interactions with other Members:


We feel the best part of our gym is our members and community. We want you guys to be able to catch up with friends at the gym just please do so at a safe distance. We will be spacing out/marking off chairs to adapt for social distancing, but please use sound judgement around the facility. If we are at capacity and want to hang out with a friend outside, we will be happy to put out chairs so you can enjoy your time together.


Positive Covid-19 Diagnosis:


If you or your child do test positive for Covid-19 Skyhook wants to do our part in providing our trace logs as soon as possible. If you would please email as soon as you know it will help everyone in the long run. 






During phase one wasn’t clear on the restaurant portion of the new guidelines. Just be aware that you potentially may just have to ask us to grab you something if you want to purchase any food or beverages. I know that you can do this without a problem at convenience stores, but we will follow whatever rules they lay before us.


Drinking fountain:


All members will need to bring bottled water from home. OHA regulations state that we are not allowed to give access to non-refill style drinking fountains to anyone entering the facility. Once this changes we still advise on using your elbow until all restrictions are lifted.




Before closing, we had tripled our cleaning efforts to keep our gym as clean/safe as possible for members. In addition to this, we will be disinfecting between open gym times, following classes and before new groups of members are allowed in. We will also be wiping down bathrooms at a minimum of twice a day outside of our regular two-bathroom checks. If you see anything that you feel needs to be cleaned please just let us know. Our goal is to make you feel confident and comfortable that we are doing everything we can to provide a clean and healthy facility for you and your family.


Compensation for Membership:


As promised, we ensure that we will hold up our end of you guys continuing to support us while we were closed. To make sure that you guys are taken care of we ask that you only bring this up with management so it can be addressed appropriately.




If you are reading this, I must applaud you. This was a ton of information, but we wanted to make it available to you in full for what will be taking place when we reopen. Although not how we typically run things this will have to be our new normal for now. You have been more than patient with us and will finally be available to you in less than two weeks! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email us and we will get back to you as soon as possible


All Classes, Open Gym & Personal Training are by appointment only.

Members please use your Mindbody account to reserve your spots.

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