COVID-19 Update 7/6/21



All vaccinated individuals will no longer be required to wear masks in the facility. This will go in effect  7/6/21.




We are waiting for clarification from the county on whether Skyhook Counseling Center would be classified as a clinic. Oregon guidelines still requires masks in healthcare settings. We have three Skyhook Counseling programs actively running and will continue until the last week of July. If this is the case then our hands are tied on how we can operate moving forward.


Almost every business that we visited over the weekend is now fully reopened without any Covid restrictions in place. This includes gymnastics facilities, parkour gyms and a number of dance studios. We will continue to keep tabs on what other businesses are doing as a guide moving forward. We just want to make sure we are doing what we feel is best for members and the business.





All participants in camp will be required to wear masks.




We sold camps to parents months ago with certain policies and procedures in place. To ensure that we can provide that same service we won’t be making changes. We will be following the guidelines provided by the Oregon Health Authority which you can find below.


All counseling services will still be mask required.




It may be a requirement by the state. Hospitals, long term living facilities, airports and clinics are still required to have mask mandates. We are still waiting for clarification on whether we fall under this category. For our groups that we have running we will continue with mask requirements as we have already sold these services under this premise.


Temperature Checks


We will no longer be doing temperature checks on members when you come into the facility. These will continue with staff.




With the no-touch thermometer we are finding it to be +/- up to three degrees and with the summer weather aren’t providing accurate results.




Staff will continue with mask wearing at this time.




After talking with staff individually, we didn’t have any major concerns with keeping them for the time being. We will keep them on as a group as it doesn’t affect members who want to take masks off and hopefully makes members feel comfortable who want us to keep them on.


Hand Sanitizing/Hand Washing


We will still require hand sanitizing/hand washing when coming into the facility


We are sticking with masks for now, but will be progressively easing restrictions over time. Come August 2nd we will either reconfirm our policy or change it moving forward. As mentioned above please keep us in touch with what other businesses are doing. We are one of two ninja gyms in Oregon and have don’t have a large network to lean on for policy discussion.


Our goal is to get to the point where we can be mask optional to all customers, staff and students and want to make that transition at the appropriate time. We are aware that many businesses are moving significantly faster than we are and understand that you have all been so patient and understanding with us.


We appreciate all of you who keep us informed and we really do look forward to going back normal. This policy change is a step towards to normalcy and we hope to continue this trend moving forward.