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If you have been looking for a place for you and your family to do gymnastics, then Skyhook is the place for you! With the myriad of gymnastics equipment and phenomenal coaches, you will find success here as a gymnast, and as a ninja!


We have spring floor, dead floor, rod floor, tumble track, open end trampoline, as well as three trampolines into our airbag. All of this equipment is very conducive towards you and your gymnasts or cheerleader getting all of the floor gymnastics skills they have been looking for. 

Why does Skyhook, a Ninja Warrior gym, have so much gymnastics equipment, as well as a full recreational gymnastics program? Here at Skyhook, We are all for anything that is fun, and gets kids and adults moving! Gymnastics is one of the five key sports we believe make a great Ninja athlete.


Having the air awareness to be able to flip means you will likely have the awareness to know where you are while swinging obstacle to obstacle, so its an important part of our regular Ninja curriculum.


All that being said, make no mistake, we take gymnastics here at Skyhook very seriously. Proper coaching, progressions and access to equipment due to our incredibly flexible open gym hours means that your gymnast will progress faster then they ever have before, as well as have more fun!


We also run many other classes for different age ranges, so that means siblings will be able to participate and wont dread going to the gym with your gymnast!

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