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Skyhook Day School Program!

When: September 14th 

Time:       8:00-5:45


School at Skyhook!


Help with school work and learn to be a Ninja, all in one cool gym!


We will help your child (ages 6-12; grades 1-7) be successful in school! And teach them how to be a Ninja, all on the same day! 


School Component: Whether your school district is using a Synchronous program or an on-line format, we will support your child in structuring their school day and/or after school hours. Students will get much of their academic work completed during “traditional” school hours, with the added bonus of the physical opportunities that Skyhook offers during break times and lunch “recess”. In addition, our program will support your child’s social development! There will be a guide present at all times to provide structure for staying on track, and who will be available to answer basic questions! All your child needs is to bring: lunch/snack, a laptop, headphones, and a water bottle! You can go to work or simply have quiet for a portion of your day!


After School Program (3:15-5:45pm; 2 activities each day): 1) a Skyhook class 5 days/week, enrichment/project driven class 2 days/week(art, cooking, science, etc.). 


All facets of Skyhook's School Program take place in a clean and safe environment! The details regarding our cleaning policies and general gym procedures can be accessed on our website. Masks are required while in the gym (and the classroom). 


Monthly Rates: (enrollment on monthly basis)

Option A: $1,600.00 School hours (approx. 8:00-5:45; district dependent)




Supply costs: $25/month/child (Applicable for only after school program; due at the beginning of each month; prorated for part time options).


Space is limited - Enroll Soon!

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