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Skyhook Classes

With a full curriculum, written in collaboration with Dr. Lynn Knope- one of Skyhooks founders and a psychologist specializing in early childhood development for the last 25+ years, Skyhook offers classes for athletes of all ages, abilities, experiences. This page provides you with everything you need to know to pick what classes you'd like to try out next. 

Ages 3-5

Little ninja class_edited.jpg
Skyhook Little Ninjas

Little Ninjas

Little Ninjas is a confidence and coordination building class that introduces and develops the foundations of Ninja Warrior in a safe and structured environment.


These classes incorporate a wide range of developmental levels. Students learn patience and control through structure and positive reinforcement in addition to the foundational skills of Ninja, Climbing, and Parkour- So when your Little one turns 6, they're all ready to go to move up to the ages 6+ program. 

*Parents are not required to participate.

*Punch Passes can't be used for Little Ninjas.

Skyhook Little Ninjas


These classes are focused on the strategies and techniques used for obstacle course running. 

Students work on their upper body strength and coordination on obstacles like Laches, Ropes, Fidget Spinners and the Spider Wall as they build up the momentum to fly through the air from one obstacle to the next. 

Ages 6+

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Skyhook Little Ninjas


Parkour is natural, effective movement designed to challenge you both mentally and physically.

Learning different rolling, vaulting, and running techniques, Parkour students work on the overall bodily awareness in a safe free-running and tricking environment taught by Parkour experts themselves.

Skyhook Little Ninjas


Our Climbing space is perfect for experienced climbers looking to push their limits, as well as for those who are just getting started. Our hand-built walls are set and designed by some of the best climbers around.


Climbing classes will teach you the technical terminology and strategies necessary to conquer new routes from level V0 to V8 and on. Not only do these classes challenge you physically but also mentally as the routes are changed on a regular basis- so you never get too comfortable with one certain strategy.

Skyhook Little Ninjas

Aerial Silks

Aerial Silks classes are where you go when you want to learn gravity defying acrobatics. Students learn technique from beginner to advanced as they practice the performing art that is Silks. 

With two different levels of classes, students learn the different ways to wrap around in, tie, and maneuver through the air and perform a variety of different drops, poses and more. 

It is not required to have previous experience to take this class, but it is recommended to have a certain degree of strength training to be able to lift and hold oneself up. 

Skyhook Little Ninjas


These classes are the perfect mix of strength training and all the other classes we offer- but geared towards teens and adults. 

Taught by some of our different Personal Trainers with their own unique expertise and knowledge to share, each class has a different focus to help you meet your fitness goals. Whether it's building muscle, coordination, or working on obstacles and course running- you'll find yourself improving each week as you push through challenges and try new skills.

Ages 14+

Pricing and sign-up information can be found under 'Info' at the top of the page

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