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Unleash your child's inner ninja with our safe and incredibly fun Skyhook Ninja Warrior classes! We offer a wide range of obstacles tailored for kids of all ages and skill levels, ensuring that every child can enjoy an unforgettable ninja experience.

Key Highlights:

  • Emphasis on safety and proper technique while having a blast

  • Jumping, climbing, swinging, rolling, and more in our exciting classes

  • Encourages physical activity and valuable life lessons

  • Build mental fortitude and patience for overcoming life's challenges

Lynn Jenkins once said, "Mental will is a muscle that needs exercise, just like the muscles of the body." At Skyhook, we couldn't agree more.

What to Expect:

  1. Professionally trained, certified, and background-checked instructors

  2. Safety rules and proper warm-up at the beginning of each class

  3. Personalized approach to accommodate different ability levels and skill sets

  4. Customized Ninja courses designed for optimal skills development

  5. "Positivity circle" at the end of each class to reflect on achievements and challenges

*Please note that waivers must be filled out online before attending class. If the participant is under the age of 18, the waiver must be signed by their parent or legal guardian*

*Close toed shoes are required to participate*

Get ready to witness your child's transformation into a true ninja warrior! Enroll them in Skyhook Ninja Warrior Classes today, and let the adventure begin!




Similar to martial arts, at Skyhook Ninjas earn belts and advance through the levels by earning stripes on their belts in the six different areas of Ninja. Ninja Warrior has been growing and evolving as a sport, so in addition to your kids learning and growing, having clear goals because of the levels and curriculum, and gaining confidence, they can actually compete in Ninja Warrior at local and national competitions.


This class can be attended by anyone ages 6+ on their first visit to Skyhook. Level One and Two Ninjas will sometimes work together and sometimes be split to work on skills that are appropriate towards their level.



If your kids have been bugging you to take a class in that “parkour stuff” that they see on YouTube or in the movies, then this is the class for THEM AND YOU! Parkour is natural, effective movement. Parkour is designed to challenge you both mentally and physically. 


Learn Parkour fundamentals from World Free Running and Parkour Federation certified coaches, in a SAFE environment.  That means the highest quality of coaching and staff, and that means the best and most padded equipment. Here at Skyhook, you are in good hands.


This class can be attended by anyone and everyone, in the age range of 6 and above. No prior Parkour experience necessary!



Our bouldering classes will teach your Ninjas safety concepts, develop basic climbing foot, hand, and body positioning, fundamentals of bouldering, and advanced body movement to get them to the top of their climbs. They can expect to get a phenomenal workout and to learn the small details that will help them be a better climber.

Set by a professional route setter, one of our walls is reset every week. Make fitness fun by engaging your brain and your body to get a rewarding workout as you try to climb routes at your level and push yourself to get better!


This class is open for everyone age 6 and older. No prior climbing experience required! All Ninja levels welcome.


Aerial silks

Circus classes challenge us physically to balance and engage our muscles how we want to engage them. Circus classes are difficult because you are dancing in the air via silks that are like smooth ropes. The silks may be smooth but they still squeeze us tightly so we don't fall. Circus classes should be taken after you have some climbing and/or ninja classes under your belt so you have some experience and practice with maneuvering your body through the air and a baseline of upper body strength conditioning.


The goal is to learn how to perform silks technique with fluidity and a smooth flow of motion. 

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personal training

Personal training for kids is all about structured, physical activity to build the foundation for a healthy life while MAKING FITNESS FUN!  Physical activity is an essential component of every child’s healthy development. Skyhook focuses on the child and developing a fun and exciting fitness program. 


Our Skyhook coaches are here to help improve your child’s overall fitness level by inspired Ninja warrior training which can include balance, coordination, flexibility, strength, posture and endurance training.


For more information on private training please call us at 503-352-9608 or email us at

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