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Open Gym is a parent monitored activity. This means that parents need to be actively watching their kids in the space and ensuring that they are following the rules. With supervision we have a 1:3 ratio requirement for families.

-All participants and guardians must sign a waiver

-Intro to open gym is required for first time users

-Student must be checked in before going into open gym

-Students must warm up before getting on any obstacles

-One person per obstacle/climbing wall at a time

-No running in the gym with the exception of the warped wall and on an obstacle course

-Participants may not wear rings, jewelry or headphones

-Shoes must be worn at all times except on the trampoline and while using silks

-No wrestling or roughhousing of any kind 

-Yelling/screaming is not permitted 

-Games such as hide and seek and tag are prohibited

-Building forts/structures are not allowed

-We have signs posted for advanced obstacles. These obstacles require a yellow belt or above to use. Students need to be wearing their belts in order to use these obstacles

-Laches movements (swinging from one bar to another) can only be performed by members yellow belt and above

-Classes have priority to mobile equipment

-Chalk needs to live in a chalk bag. No loose chalk is permitted at Skyhook

-Obstacles are for training only. Student are not permitted to use equipment in any other way.

-Personal Training area is for adults only

-Students aren't allowed to lay down on the floor in any part of the gym

-We are primarily a children's' gym, we do not allow members to train shirtless.

-When open gym/class is over students are not allowed on equipment

-Students are expected to be respectful and take turns on equipment

-Flipping/tricking is prohibited in all spaces with the exception of the trampoline and spring floor. With this exception prior staff permission is required

Listed below are more Open Gym rules pertaining to specific areas of the gym.

Climbing Wall

-One student allowed on each climbing wall section at a time

-Students need to stand back from the wall while others are using them.

-Students can top out (climb up and over) the yellow and orange wall only

-Students should climb down routes over jumping down

-One student on the slide at a time

-Limit of 2x students on the orange and yellow platform at a time

-Climbing walls are to be used for climbing activities only

-Shoes must be worn at all times while climbing (no bare foot climbing).

- Climbing chalk needs to remain in chalk bags. Loose chalk is not permitted

-We always want students to land on their feet. If this is not possible they should be performing candles stick rolls

-Students need to use gym awareness to ensure that they are not under someone who is actively climbing

-Do not leave personal belongs in the climbing area

-At no time should portable pads/obstacles be moved into the climbing area

-If you notice a loose hold on the wall do not use the hold and report this to front desk staff right away


Ninja Rig

-One person per obstacle

-One Ninja per bay (between any four metal posts in the rig)

-Students should practice gym awareness and look around, up and down as they move to avoid collisions with other students/obstacles

-Students are not permitted to climb on top of any rig obstacles

-Obstacles are the only portion of the rig that should be climbed on. Climbing on the structural component, is not allowed

-Students are permitted to climb the cargo net to a maximum height of 11' which is marked with a horizontal orange rope

-Salmon Ladder use requires the ability to demonstrate 10x pull ups

-Only staff are allowed to adjust the slack line

-Mini trampoline is not allowed to be moved by anyone other than staff

-Hard obstacles/equipment are not allowed in the ninja rig

-Port-a-pads are allowed to be moved within the ninja rig

-Students are permitted to hang from the lache bars, but need to be a yellow belt or higher to perform laces

-Student are allowed to use equipment only as intended. If unsure, please ask a coach

Warped Wall

-One participant at a time

-Do not climb cut outs in warped wall

-Spiderman technique is the only approved method for getting down the warped wall when you do not make it to the top

-If participants top out on the jr. warped wall they are required to sit and slide feet first to the adjacent platform

-Do not jump off the warped wall


Spring Floor

-Participants are allowed to move equipment around during open gym. However, near the end we may have coaches moving obstacles to set up for a class. 

-The red carpet bonded foam is a fall zone. We do not allow any hard obstacles to be in this space during open gym

-Only one participant can be on any obstacle at a time

-Obstacles cannot be placed by the edges of the spring floor

-Participants are not allowed to jump off off the warped wall or parkour walls

-Any component of the silks rigging is off limits to participants

-1x participant is allowed on any obstacle or piece of equipment at a time

-Participants are not allowed to run across the tops of the parkour walls

-To access the top portion of the parkour walls, participants must be able to reach them without assistance

-If you are unsure about a rule, please ask


Flex Space

-One students on the parkour bars at a time

-No jumping off any raised platform

-No climbing on top of the parkour wall

-Participants can move obstacles in the space, but cannot block the walkway to the party rooms


Monkey Space

-We have 2x bays in the Monkey Space and one student is allowed in a bay at a time

-1x student is allowed on each climbing wall at a time

-Students are not allowed on top of Monkey Space

-Students are not allowed to use/climb the cut outs in the Monkey Space

-No hard obstacles are allowed in the Monkey Space



-One person on a trampoline at a time

-Socks & shoes are not allowed on the trampoline. The only exceptions are trampoline/anti slip socks

-Flips are not permitted without coach approval. Coaches are not guaranteed to watch your progressions during your open gym session.

-Students are not allowed to lean or jump into the surrounding safety nets. 

-The orange padding around the trampoline is there for safety and should not be walked/jumped on.

-Students are not allowed to climb on to of the wall attached to the trampoline

-Students are not permitted to jump from the trampoline on the the adjacent spring floor

-Absolutely no obstacles/equipment/personal items are permitted on the trampoline

***One warning is given for breaking any of these rules. Additional corrections will lead to sitting out temporarily. Continued rules breaks can lead to loss of gym privileges for the rest of the day.***

Waivers must be filled out online prior to attending class.

If under the age of 18, the waiver must be signed by the parent/legal guardian.

Student Conduct

We ultimately want Skyhook to be a place where we are all surrounded by respectful, courteous & kind people.  Below is a list of reminders about student conduct.


-No physical contact of any kind is allowed between students

-We have a zero tolerance policy for violence 

-Student should show up ready to learn

-Students need to listen to coach commands

-Bullying/Harassment is not allowed in any form

-Always treat others the manner in which we like and expect to be treated

-Take responsibility for your learning and behavior by being respectful to the coaches, assistants and other students

-Accept responsibility for actions and consequences of inappropriate behavior

-Students will respect and follow rules of the gym

Disciplinary Action

1. Verbal warning

2. Have student sit out of the activity temporarily/remainder of the session

3. Either have a conversation or phone call with parents

4. Have a meeting with parents and students to develop a behavioral contract moving forward.

5. Losing access to the facility.


Depending on the severity of infraction some steps may be joined or skipped

Student Drop Off/Arrivals


Parents are to drop off/up their child(ren) no more than than 10 minutes before or 5 minutes after classes starting. We have had a growing number of instances where children are being dropped off up to 30 minutes before classes start. We do not have surplus staff to monitor children and ask that you please respect this.


-If you arrive early you are more than welcome to wait in the lobby or  your car with your child prior to the ten minute window leading up to classes starting.


-We now have markers in each class area for students to line up on. We won't be allowing students on any equipment prior to classes starting  with their coach. 


-If you want to skip the check in line please use your belt key tag to sign in for classes. If your child does not have one of these please inquire at the front desk. 


-If you need anything in regards to belts, scheduling, membership help, etc. Please be patient as you may be asked to wait until after check in time to get these issues resolved. We recommend getting any issues taken care of prior/after the 10 minute window for classes. We are also happy to handle any issue through our email


-If you are having trouble enrolling your students through our Mindbody platform, please send an email to Please describe the issue you are running into and we will either fix it on our end or schedule a time to go over it in person.


Late Arrivals


If you arrive more than 5 minutes late to a class we will give a first time warning, whereas moving forward the enrolled individual will not be able to attend class. Warm-Ups at the beginning of class are essential in staying safe by preventing potential injuries.


Q. I want to bring my child to open gym/go to open gym myself, what do I need to do?

A. In order to come to open gym for the first time, you need to attend either a ninja class, our if none of our class times works for you, then you need to have a coach give you a tour/walkthrough of open gym. This is offered throughout the day, and you can call us to schedule this. We will ask what you hope to get out of coming to Skyhook, we will spend about 10 - 15 minutes teaching you how to use our equipment and how to stay safe, then go over our different membership options, if you're already not a member, and figuring out which is the best option for you.

Q. What are the age limits/restrictions?

A. Students range from 6-100 yrs old. For our younger students, we expect them to show discipline and be able to take instruction and follow the rules. If your son or daughter is unable to follow the rules they may be asked to leave.

Q. My child is 5 years old or under, do you have classes for them?

A. We do! We now have our Little Ninjas Program, which is for 3-5-year-olds. They are not allowed to do open gym yet, but we do have classes for them, many of which coincide with class times for their older siblings. 

Q. What should I wear to class?

A. Loose-fitting clothing. Shoes with good grip and support. Please do not wear basketball shoes as they restrict proper landing form. No Zippers, hoodies, necklaces, bracelets or rings!

Q. Should I bring my own water?

A. We have a drinking fountain, and bottled water for sale, but you are welcome to bring your own water!

Q. Where are you? I can’t see you from the complex.

A. We are located between the BMW motorcycle dealership and CDI. 

Q. Do I need to/have to sign up for classes ahead of time?

A. No, but our classes do have a max capacity. Signing up ahead of time ensures that you get into the class.

Q. What if I’m interested in bartering for classes with a skill or service that I can provide?

A. You can send an email to the owner, but be aware chances are the answer is no. The email address is

Q. What are those belts all the ninjas are wearing?

A. They are our ninja belts, the ranking system ninjas go through as they train at Skyhook. You get your white belt once you are enrolled in a class taking membership!

Q. What is your address?

A. 12008 SW Garden Place, Tigard, OR 97223

For any further information feel free to contact us.

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