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Skyhook Ninja Fitness’ mission is to "Build a community dedicated to physical and emotional growth through fun, functional fitness".  Skyhook brings high quality and professional American Ninja Warrior training to Portland and the surrounding areas.  Skyhook aims to be known as the place to go for fitness, community and fun.  We will do this by going above and beyond to maintain a professional standard, creating a positive gym atmosphere, hosting local and national competitions, and building positive relationships with local businesses, charities and schools.

We hope to bridge the gap, and bring Ninja Warrior obstacles out of the TV and into your life!


Skyhook Ninja Fitness started in a backyard, as Knope-Jenkins Personal Training.  Cody had been a personal trainer for four years, and opened a personal training studio out of his house in Happy Valley.  At the same time, he wanted to train for American Ninja Warrior, and finding no gyms in Oregon, started building his own obstacles. As homemade obstacles slowly expanded, clients wanted to use them, one thing led to another, and Knope-Jenkins Personal Training became the premier place to train for American Ninja Warrior in Portland.


Skyhook Ninja Fitness is an expansion of his original idea.  Cody loves helping people train for American Ninja Warrior, but also knows that both kids and adults love it, and it is a fun and unique way to get in shape.  Come join the fun!

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