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*All Military organizations, Non-Profits & Schools receive a 10% Discount. 


Want a fun and exciting place to host your corporate event?  We are willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish the job.  With our amazing staff we will go the extra mile to help you plan your perfect Ninja Corporate event.


For a truly unique and memorable experience, host your private party at Skyhook Ninja Fitness.  What do you want your private party to look like?  Let’s team up and create that experience for you!


This is the coolest place in town to create a team building experience.  Team building is all about having fun, connecting and creating memorable moments.  Trust is essential for a high-performing team.  Learn to rely on your team mates through exciting challenges.


Skyhook provides quality, meaningful space for events in effort to help compatible organizations advance their mission-related work.  All Non-profits are provided a 10% discount.


Skyhook prides itself on having the resources to work with special needs individuals.  It’s extremely important to us that we are a part of the special needs community here in Oregon.  If your organization or family is looking to host an event or activity, Skyhook is it!  We will work with you directly to customize a perfect event for you.

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