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World Ninja League Competition
Saturday, April 6th

Season IX of the World Ninja League is well underway, and we'll be hosting ONE more WNL Qualifier this season! 

This is going to be a Full Course Qualifier- every obstacle completed counts towards the final score, regardless of how many obstacles they fail. More information about this competition format can be found here

For this competition, we have streamlined our sign up process all onto this page. Below, you'll find a form to fill out, which will then take you to checkout. You'll have to purchase once for each individual competitor. 

Before purchasing the competition, ensure that you have filled out the WNL Season IX Waiver, as well as the Skyhook Ninja Fitness Waiver. These are both required in order to compete. 

One thing that is required for both the WNL Season IX Waiver and the competition sign up process is the NinjaWorks ID. This six-digit number is used to track the athlete across competitions throughout the league, and keep track of qualifications. 

If the athlete has not previously competed in a World Ninja League competition, you will need to create a NinjaWorks account in order to get the ID number. 

If there are any questions about signing up, competition schedules, or anything else here please reach out to!

Full Tentative Schedule

Saturday, April 6th


Mature Kids


Adults + Masters

Teen + Young Adult + Elite Female

Elite Male


This is our planned schedule for the weekend. We will send an email the week of the competition confirming the schedule and run orders. All of the divisions WILL compete on the date shown here- however, exact times may be subject to change. 

Also note that the start times of each wave are when we will start the course walkthrough. Please arrive at the gym at least 15 minutes before your scheduled start time to ensure you are on time and checked in.

WNL Age Divisions

Kids Female (6-8)

Kids Male (6-8)

Mature Kids Female (9-10)

Mature Kids Male (9-10)

Preteen Female (11-12)

Preteen Male (11-12)

Teen Female (13-14)

Teen Male (13-14)

Young Adult Female (15-17)

Young Adult Male (15-17)

Adult Female (18+)

Adult Male (18+)

Masters Female (40+)

Masters Male (40+)

Elite Female (15+)

Elite Male (15+)

Please note that all age divisions are based on the competitor's age on 1/1/2024.

All WNL age divisions are based on the competitor's age on January 1st, 2024. Athletes will compete in one division for the entire season (September 2023-July 2024).

Competition Registration

Thanks for submitting!

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