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During the 2017-2018 ninja season Skyhook had many athletes travel all over the United States to compete in competitions, including our Ninja Lucy that now holds the title of 2nd in the world. Many of you have expressed the willingness to travel and compete in competitions year-round. We feel we can better serve and prepare our athletes for Ninja Competitions if we form a team, train hard year-round, and elevate ourselves with more competitions. Classes and practice have provided a fantastic foundation for our youth athletes, but the time has come for our Skyhook ninjas to get in the game.

Important Upcoming Dates:

August       25th Skyhook Competition - $25 member, $50 non member

September 15th Team Tryouts - $15 per person

September 16th Skyhook Team Invitations Go out 8pm – Via Email

September 19th Parent Meeting (mandatory) – 8pm Skyhook

September 24th First Team Practice

Pricing For Team 


What is the cost of Team Membership?

  • Team Silver - $220 per month

    • 2 Team Classes per week - 2 hour Team Class with Coach Izzy and assistant coach (lower coach to student ratio)

    • Your choice of 1 Skyhook class per week

    • Unlimited Open Gym

    • Skyhook Team Shirt



  • Team Gold - $285 per month

    • 2 Team Classes per week - 2 hour Team Class with Coach Izzy and assistant coach (lower coach to student ratio)

    • Unlimited Skyhook Classes

    • Unlimited Open Gym

    • Skyhook Team Shirt


FAQ Questions:


When are tryouts for Team?

  • We have a Skyhook Competition Aug 25th that we highly recommend anyone that wants to be considered for tryouts to attend. We will have an official tryout on September 15th from 1pm-5pm. This will be an evaluation process that will aid in the selection of out team but not guarantee anyone spot on the team.  



What skills can you expect to show on testing day?

  • Athletes have mastered these skills:

Ninja Requirements:

•Transition across 6 hanging obstacles

•Twelve foot warped wall

•6 moves on cliffhanger

•Slackline end to end

•Log roll end to end

Parkour requirements:

•5 foot lache

•All basic vaults (Step, Speed, Reverse, Dash, Lazy, Kong up, Dive Kong or Dive Kong down, Roll Vault)

•Wall run to cat, climb up (muscle up) to top of wall

•Climbing down/dropping technique (proper absorption and rolling)

•Two step wall run

•Two step wall pop

Strength requirements:

•Can do 8 pullups OR L hang for 30 sec (L body and arms in an L)

•Climb up the silks and touch the beam

•Box jump to waist height

Climbing requirements:

•Climb two v3s. One of the athlete’s choice and one of the coach's choice.

•Knowledge of basic climbing skills, such as toe-hook, heel-hook, side pull, under cling, dyno, flag, back flag, and front flag.

Gymnastics requirements:

•Freestanding handstand for 3 seconds

•Back extension roll (not strict form)



How do I qualify for Skyhook Team?

  • Do you have an understanding of Yellow/Orange belt level of experience.

  • Demonstrating respect in classes and with all of our coaching staff.

  • Are you coachable

  • Can you commit to team and make all practices and competition


How old to I have to be to Join Team?

  • You must be 7+ years old


How often is team practices?

  • 2 hour practices, twice a week.


Can I earn tapes in Team Practice?

  • Yes!​​

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