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If you have been looking for a place for yourself or your child to train for American Ninja Warrior, or to train for functional, full-body fitness, then look no further! We are very proud to announce our Ninja Warrior curriculum!


Similar to a martial arts belting system, our curriculum and level system will provide clear paths of advancement for all of our students. In our system, there are seven levels. A level one Ninja is a beginner, walking in the door. If you are a level six or seven ninjas in our system, you are ready to go on the show.

What is it that actually makes you a ninja? What does being a ninja mean?

We believe a ninja is someone who exemplifies and lives Skyhook’s values. They are strong mentally and physically, they demonstrate good self-control, they practice positive self-talk, have a positive self-image, work on maintaining a growth mindset, and seek constant improvement. We know that some of these goals are very challenging for people, and our classes and coaches work to help everyone practice them.


When you join our Ninja program, you will work your way through seven levels signified by colored cords; starting with White, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Red, Grey, and finally Black. At each level you will be working on the six pillars of the Ninja Warrior; Parkour, Gymnastics, Ninja obstacles, Strength, Climbing, and Creed. As you and your child work through the levels, you will learn and grow as an athlete and person, until you become the ultimate Ninja!

All of our Ninja classes are non-competitive, co-ed, and separated by age and skill level. Upon joining Skyhook, a student is automatically placed into the introductory level class for their age.


When you feel you or your child is ready for a higher level class, and they have earned their skill stripes, they must pass a level test in order to advance. Level Testing ensures that our students advance between levels in a way that is most appropriate for their mental and physical abilities, and most beneficial to their continuing progress.

Ninja Warrior is an individual sport, wrapped in a wonderful, positive community. At Skyhook, we believe that children need to be allowed to achieve at a pace that is comfortable for them. We believe it’s important to encourage children to focus on themselves, give their all, and be proud of their accomplishments.


No two students will progress at the same rate, even if they experience the exact same training. It is not uncommon for a student to spend longer in a particular class level before advancing. However, that time span may be shorter if they are taking two or more classes per week.

If you or your younger Ninja is competitive and is looking for extra challenges, there is an option to compete at both Skyhook and at regional and national levels! If this is your goal, inquire with our Program director about our ninja team!



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