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Here at Skyhook we are dedicated to teaching Parkour. Parkour is natural, and effective movement system. Parkour is designed to challenge you both mentally and physically. So many parkour gyms believe that training parkour should be done in a hard environment with few, if any pads. While it’s true that proper coaching will keep students safe, our philosophy is that Parkour gyms should be, before anything else, as safe as possible! That means the highest quality of coaching and staff utilizing the best and most padded equipment.

Don’t be scared every time you or your children practice parkour. Here at Skyhook, you are in good hands. Because of the diversity of programs offered at Skyhook, students in our parkour program get access to equipment that most parkour gyms could only dream of. We have the staples of any Parkour facility, with our Parkour walls, vaults, and bars; however, Parkour is freedom of movement, meaning there should be freedom of training!

Students in our facility also get access Spring Floor, Rod Floor, Ninja equipment, trampolines, Tumble tracks, Euro-bed trampolines, and warped walls, as our coaches see fit. No matter their level, at Skyhook athletes can work on their Parkour and Freerunning in a safe environment that encourages the growth of the athlete and their skills.


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