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Skyhook Counseling Center

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Skyhook Counseling Center has a unique mental health program that specializes in treating children, families and adults. While using state of the art equipment, we provide inviting physical and therapeutic activities that challenge each individual's limitations, whether due to neurodiverse challenges and/or a limited mindset. Our environment is ideal for stimulating the neuromuscular system, which once activated has the potential of greater integration and consolidation of the mind/body system.  Skyhook has a range of resources that provide sensory input, promote motor planning and strength building, while developing regulatory processes and social skills. 

These activities also facilitate the development and enhancement of body attunement, a necessary ingredient for accessing emotional and cognitive capacities, which help the emotional, therapeutic work. The early minutes of each session increase awareness, creating an integration that can result in a more spontaneous ability to share feelings and thoughts which provides the opportunity to work these present issues through with the aid of the therapist. 

A treatment plan tailored to the goals of each client is developed with a therapist, who then employs a supportive and individualized approach, working with each client to reach their full potential. 

Mental health insurance is often accessible for Skyhook Counseling Center’s services.

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