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Climbing Tips from the Skyhook Setters (Part One)

Climbing Tips from the Skyhook Setters is a blog series where each month you will hear from the setters who create the boulders at Skyhook. There will be tips and tricks for you no matter what level of climber you are. Setting boulders takes extensive knowledge of climbing movement and techniques, so they are here to share some of that knowledge with you.

Climbing Tip of the Week:

Stand with your legs, don't pull with your arms.


Remember to use your legs when you’re climbing, instead of just muscling your way and pulling with mainly your arms. Your legs are stronger than your arms, use that to your advantage. Instead of reaching or stretching out to the next hold, try to find a good foothold and really stand up.


Most ninjas are used to using upper body strength and powering through obstacles on a regular basis. But with climbing that shouldn't be the goal. When climbing, your goal should be to use your legs as much as possible. Think about standing up with your toes rather than pulling up with your arms. The goal should be to use your arms less than your feet.

Boulder of the Week:

You heard it here, next time you're climbing make sure to use those legs to climb not just your arms. Make sure to check back next month to learn more about climbing from the Skyhook setters!


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