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The Next chapter of Skyhook

*This information was originally shared in a social media post in mid July, 2023, which was linked to on our homepage. As time moved along, we realized that people could no longer access that post, and we were still getting questions about what was happening, so you can read the original post, here!*

Dear Skyhook Family, Today we stand at the threshold of a thrilling new chapter, one filled with excitement, gratitude, and a touch of melancholy. We're excited to announce our second location, Skyhook Bouldering, soon to make its debut in the vibrant heart of SE PDX, In the Ladd's addition area. Those of you who have been with us for a long time already know; Our journey started in a place close to home - quite literally. Skyhook Ninja Fitness was born in my parents' backyard, with homemade equipment, a dream, and unwavering support from two exceptional people - my parents. As psychologists, they not only put their retirement on the line to help our dream take flight, but they've also been instrumental in shaping our ethos by offering trainings to our coaches and the rest of our staff, enabling us to better support both kids and adults. Their dedication to helping people mirrors the heart of Skyhook - a desire to uplift and inspire. As we embark on this new venture, they've loaned us the funds for a second location, making this dream a possibility, doubling down on their belief in the Skyhook team and our mission. Yet, our journey is not without its challenges. We've recognized that our first location resonated more strongly with children than adults, despite our initial hopes of being a place for everyone to be active. While we are grateful to have had the opportunity to impact so many young lives, as we move forward, we've made a difficult, but necessary, pivot to address the needs of the demographic we have helped the least here at Skyhook Ninja Fitness. We want to help the adults in the community with Skyhook Bouldering. We understand that this decision may disappoint some who anticipated another Skyhook Ninja Fitness exactly the same as the first, and for that, we share your sentiment. Numerous studies highlight the mental health benefits of rock climbing, reinforcing our mission to facilitate both physical and mental health. Despite the changes to our business, our commitment to providing a supportive and nurturing environment remains steadfast. My personal bond with rock climbing has been deeply transformative and rewarding. In climbing, I found passion, a loving fiancé, and enduring friendships. More than once, it has served as a lifeline for dear friends during their battles with depression. These experiences affirm our belief in the power of climbing and our mission to share it with our community.

Skyhook Bouldering, spreading across nearly 10,000 square feet, aims to offer an unparalleled climbing experience. We promise unique climbing holds from Europe, a sizable fitness area, and the spirit of Skyhook Ninja with a dedicated Ninja section and modular parkour equipment. Our hope is that everyone, adults and kids alike, will find a place here to explore, grow, and belong. With a projected opening in the first quarter of 2024, we're keeping some features under wraps, but we assure you they'll be worth the wait. To celebrate this journey, we're planning exclusive events for our founding members, including a pre-opening tour, and some time for our founding members to get exclusive access to the gym before the general public does. We understand that you might have many questions about this new development, and we are here to address them. However, we kindly ask for your patience. With the work towards building Skyhook Bouldering in full swing, and keeping Skyhook Ninja Fitness running smoothly, our hands are quite full. We promise to keep you updated and address all your questions as promptly as we can. Our journey from a small, homegrown venture to a community that inspires and uplifts every day has been incredible, and it's all thanks to your support, trust, and love. We are both excited and humbled as we venture into this new chapter. Stay connected for more updates as we work towards building a space that honors our legacy and welcomes new challenges. Here's to new beginnings and our incredible Skyhook family.

Stay tuned and follow along with our progress on social media:

And check out Skyhook Boulderings website to learn more! With heartfelt thanks, Cody Knope-Jenkins, CEO and Founder, Skyhook Bouldering


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