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Meet the Rig Setters

River Doherty

River is originally from Alaska but moved to Portland when he was young. River taught himself tumbling, tree climbing, Stunt work, parkour, Rock climbing, snowboarding, mountain biking, and has always had a flair for showing off. So naturally, he joined the circus and is currently working towards becoming a professional stage performer.

What's your favorite part of Rig Setting?

My favorite part of being a rig setter is building obstacle courses that flow well from one obstacle, and deciding where the courses require speed, power, or endurance, or all three to complete. Also testing the obstacles

is fun.

What's the biggest challenge for you when Rig Setting?

The biggest challenge with rig setting is figuring out how to put up new obstacles, Because there isn’t a set formula for building and putting up ninja warrior obstacles.

Gavin White

Gavin started his fitness journey as a gymnast in 2006 and left the sport in 2012 after being nationally ranked at age 8. He then moved on to martial arts, where he found tricking (a mix of gymnastics and martial arts). Tricking eventually led him to freerunning and parkour. He trained parkour by himself wherever he could until he found Skyhook in August 2018. Even now, over a year later, Gavin's favorite aspect of Skyhook is still parkour. 

What's your favorite part of Rig Setting?

I get to be at Skyhook early in the morning and a lot of the time be there all day. I also get to test the obstacles before they become available to everyone. 

What's the biggest challenge for you when Rig setting?

What's the biggest challenge for you when Rig Setting?

I think the biggest challenge of rig setting is trying to find a balance between easier and harder obstacles. If the obstacles are too easy, more advanced ninjas will get bored using them. If the obstacles are too hard, younger and newer ninjas may get frustrated at their inability to complete the obstacles.



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