• cody771

Getting Your Foot in the Door of Climbing

multiple climbing shoes pictured with a Skyhook shirt
Knowing what is the right shoe for you can be a challenge.

The Challenge

You see the rock climbing wall jut to the ceiling and all you can think about is the excitement that overwhelms you. You can’t wait to conquer that wall. But there’s one thing we should think about first… What shoes are we wearing? That’s a very tough question to answer because there are too many factors at play, and at the end of the day, it comes down to the individual’s preferences. It must not be overlooked that you and your climbing shoes are what connect you with the wall or rock; a true necessity to find balance. We cannot forget that we rely more on our feet while we are climbing than our hands; something that is often overlooked.

When delving into climbing gear, or outdoor gear in general, it can be awfully intimidating. There are tons and TONS of gear brands and manufacturers. It is easy to get so lost, that you forgot what you were initially looking for. There are grip strengtheners, different types of chalk, harnesses, quick-draws, and the list goes on! We will be focusing on climbing shoes and what that means for us as climbers.

Securing the Shoe

A climbing shoe without velcro or laces
A slipper style shoe is comfy, and people normally love them or hate them!