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How to build a commercial grade climbing wall. Part two.

If you are curious how commercial climbing gym facilities build and design Climbing and Bouldering walls, look no further! This is part two of our blog series about how we built the wall here at Skyhook, click here for part one if you missed it.

So what I was unable to get picture of was the part right before this photo. We moved the column next to the anchors, and lifted the side without the footplate onto the scissor lift while it was low down to the ground. By driving closer to the anchors and slowly raising the lift, I was able to position it exactly where we wanted it, and then strap it on to the lift until I had secured the nuts on to the footplate.

Second one installed!

Third! You can also see how I was cooking food, at this point I was pretty much living at the business. I would go home every couple of days to do laundry and shower.